Detroit ITS World Conference 2014

by Wayne Gauley

Please find following an attempt on my part to summarize the things I saw and the impressions I got from being fortunate enough to attend the 2014 ITS World Conference in Detroit with CloudParc.

A lot of this will be a rehash for some of you and I'm further convinced of that after reading through a great many of the channel posts on Slack. CloudParc is definitely a long ways into the game and I hope to catch up quickly. Having had free reign to come and go at the Conference was spectacular and I can tell you here and now that the CloudParc booth was among the most heavily trafficked of booths for its' size on the exhibition floor. Congratulations to you all for performing the hard work before and during the show that turned out so well. There's no doubt in my mind that the payoffs will be large indeed.

Please notify me of any errors or omissions. Maybe setting it up on a wiki would have been better.

Actelis Networks - Petach-Tikva, Israel - High Speed Copper Networks
Broadband Over Copper
In their own words...
"Actelis Networks has overcome the limitation of copper by developing best in class Ethernet First Mile (EFM) over Copper transmission and broadband amplification technology."
Their vision statement is a good read.
They designed and built the San Jose ITS Network which is being hailed as a Model For 21st Century Municipal Transportation Networks.
They are working with the US Military on crypto comms in Iraq.

Aisin Aw Co Ltd - Aichi, Japan - ITS Technology
Car Navigation Systems
Aisin builds Car Navigation Systems
The main reason I was interested in them is that I like to think that some day it will be feasible to have an application running on the car's center console that will allow the driver to press a "Park Car" icon on the screen whereupon an app running on the console will contact our servers and they will provide digits representing open spots at parking locations as determined by CloudParc logic. The car's GPS could then be called up to direct the driver to this parking location.
General Motors told me that they plan to open the console for third party apps.

Aisin also has what they call an Incremental Map Update System that continuously updates the car's map to provide fresh information for route guidance.

Esri - Redlands, CA - GIS Platform
GIS Applications and Feeds
Case study of a project done at the Arizona DOT. Esri Demo Videos

Nedap - Groenlo, The Netherlands - Vehicle Detection - Parking Guidance - Truck Stop Parking - LPR
Vehicle Detection Using Sensors
LPR Using Machine Vision And OCR
Smartphone App To Detect Legitimate Use Of Parking Spaces By Cars With Microwave RFID Tags
Description of Nedap's LPR Camera and the SENSIT Smartphone App.

Neurosoft - Wroklaw, Poland - Intelligent Traffic Systems
Among other ITS pursuits Neurosoft has a Vehicle Identification System based on machine vision.
They also claim to be doing AI for License Plate Recognition.

Qvision Technologies - Chula Vista, CA - Live Loop Video
Alternative to live streaming saving bandwidth
Sends looped video and allows control of loop duration and update frequency.
Qvision claims their system costs 80% less to operate than one based on streamed video.
This video outlines their offering.

Sensys Networks - Berkeley, CA - Vehicla Detection - Data Systems
Detection System Based On Battery Powered Magnetic Sensors, Bluetooth, WiFi
Sensys claim 150 customers in 40 US states and 10 countries.

Skyline - Glen Burnie, MD - Video Sharing
Stream, Manage, Share, Mobile Share Video Streams
Their technology page. Highly agnostic.

Swarco Traffic Americas Inc - Columbia TN - Parking Solutions
Parking Space Monitoring Using Sensors
They use LED message signs on highways and arterials to indicate parking availability.
In the parking structure they mount LED's above spaces to indicate availability
Looks expensive.
They sell a Parking Management Application called OneView

Truck Smart Parking Services - Location Unknown - Truck Parking Solutions
HNTB - locations - Infrastructure Solutions
Truck Parking Solution
TSPS and HNTB teamed up and built a truck parking solution for the Michigan DOT.
HNTB summary for the ITS Trade Show.

WTI - Ventura, CA- Cameras
Many models of video camera
Besides the cameras they also have what they call a Wireless ITS Video System
This is their High Power Bridge for networking cameras.